Creating homes without barriers.

At Steven Docker Associates, we want to change the way people view home adaptations for individuals with catastrophic injuries by creating bespoke, relevant, creative, inspiring and sustainable places to live.

We’re Designed to Enable by making home a better place for individuals and their families by advising on, designing and building the most important space for us all.


How do we it?

By listening carefully, applying creative thinking and our passion for finding innovative solutions, and by applying our award-winning experience and rolling our sleeves up to make things happen.

Our Accredited Expert Witnesses are known for being a safe pair of hands and trusted independent assessors of suitable accommodation in the litigation process. Our 40-plus years of expertise as the leading specialists in sourcing and creating adaptive, accessible homes, and our role as Experts in some of the most ground-breaking litigation cases in England and Wales means we know what’s expected of us in the process.  We always aim to exceed expectations.

What we offer:

Expert Witnesses:

Steven Docker Associates has an unrivalled reputation as Expert Witnesses for personal injury, clinical negligence and complex injury litigation.

Property Finding Solutions & Feasibility Assessments:

including purchase and rental negotiations to find the perfect foundation for a home that’s Designed to Enable.

Architectural Services:

Our hands-on team are award-winning project designers and managers.  We get stuck in so you don’t have to, ensuring we deliver, every time, enabling individuals, litigators, deputies and case managers to focus on their day-to-day.



Acting with integrity

This is essential to our work – to act honourably, even when no-one is watching. For our clients – individuals with catastrophic disabilities - and the professionals who instruct us, our clear focus on integrity helps us to earn and retain trust in us, in the decisions we make, in our advice and in our actions.


Build trust in the profession

We’re adamant that everything we do helps to build trust in the whole construction design, sourcing and surveying professions – because we’re tired of seeing the stress and worry caused by poor quality workmanship and design, and a failure to communicate clearly and promptly. Our team are proud of what we do and find joy in delivering homes that are designed to enable. We do this by listening, engaging, informing, and working alongside qualified, validated and expert professionals in their field.


Treating others with respect

We know what we’re doing but that shouldn’t come at the cost of ignoring our clients’ needs, wishes and ambitions – or the aspirations of their family. Our projects are only great because of the input, time and teamwork that our clients, their families, legal professionals and wider support team provide and we treat them with respect and attention, at all times. We look after our people too, so of course, we advocate for honestly, respect and care to be a two-way street.


Taking responsibility

It’s easy to crow about the good things that happen but harder to admit when things go wrong, when there might be a delay or if we can’t meet specific requests. There’s usually a valid reason but sometimes things happen that are out of our control. We plan ahead and build time into our projects and we communicate clearly, regularly and aren’t afraid to be honest and roll up our sleeves to remedy an issue. If things don’t go as planned, be sure that we’ll act fast to address a problem to ensure we deliver what we promised, and more.



We want to make the world a better place and while we know we can’t take on all the world’s battles, if we can carve a utopia in our own corner of the globe then we’re doing something right. Specifically, ensuring that everything we do is designed to help enable those who have lost so much already – whether that’s through ensuring we put our client’s lives first and create homes they can be enabled by and love (putting their dreams before our own ambitions); educating others by sharing our experiences, and; encouraging communities to see the long-term value for everyone in building homes that aren’t just fit-for purpose but designed to enable.

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Going the extra mile

The people we design homes for have had their lives turned upside down and their challenges and achievements inspire us to go further, every time. We go beyond the norm in our project management, vision and delivery to know that we’ve played a significant part in helping individuals move forwards and to offer them a space that enables them to grow, thrive and live as independently as possible.  

Sourcing, Assessing & Creating Homes

For those who dream of living more independently, Steven Docker Associates are the adaptation experts who create specially tailored and inclusive home environments - delivering homes without barriers.

We put our client’s needs first, focusing on what they can do, not what they can’t. We want to change the perception of disability adaptations - finding the best solutions that don’t just meet an individual’s needs, often their family’s too - and create a living space that feels safe, usable in every situation, is flexible for future needs and, importantly, homely.

We constantly push the boundaries for adapted homes and believe that everyone deserves a home they can use and love, rather than just a functional space they grow to resent. Whatever the budget and requirements, we pride ourselves on listening to our clients, applying thought, experience, creativity and our ingenuity to create homes that are Designed to Enable.


We’re Designed to Enable you

Everything we do is Designed to Enable: our clients, throughout their lives; the professionals we work with, who put their trust in us to help them do what they do best; our own experts, to be the best at what they do and to cultivate their talents and passion in all that they do.

Steven Docker Associates are incredibly helpful. I often involve them in projects, even before the client buys a property, to get their advice. Having worked with them on several projects, I really trust their judgement.

Gillian Knight

Court of Protection Law Ltd


For more information on our work, people and projects, contact us on

01477 544499 or email info@stevendocker.co.uk