Enabling peace of mind

We are the Accommodation Experts in Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence litigation, offering award-winning specialist Property Finding & Architectural Services that are designed to enable.


Specialist Property Finding

Our Property Finding team specialise in finding suitable properties, to purchase and rent, for people with a wide range of disabilities, throughout the country.

No floorboard is left unturned and as our Property Finding team combine insider industry knowledge with our unique understanding of the accommodation needs of seriously injured people and experience of working with solicitors, deputies and case managers to find the right property.

Here at Steven Docker Associates we are ideally placed to find your next home and negotiate the best possible price: but we also have the knowledge and experience to advise on the feasibility and cost of any adaptations that may be necessary.  We’ve been designing and building truly accessible and enabling homes for over 20 years. 

We’re renowned for our commitment and going the extra mile.

We understand the power that effective collaboration can have to create a house that feels like home and works extra hard to enable our clients. We work closely and listen carefully to our clients, their loved ones, legal representatives and multidisciplinary support teams. By listening carefully, applying creative thinking and our passion for finding innovative solutions, we’re able to take our award-winning experience further than you’d expect to make things happen.

By managing the Property Finding process, we can reduce the stress of searching for the right property in the right location, and the negotiation complexities away from our clients, who have already been through so much.


How we work

We continually liaise with estate agents and letting agents throughout the UK to identify the most suitable properties available for individuals with specialist needs, in the locations they wish to live.

After assessing the specific needs of an individual, every effort is then made to find the best solution to their accommodation requirements, by either adapting/extending their current home or sourcing a more suitable property – ‘suitability’ being the key measurement of success in a property purchase.


Professionalism, integrity & specialist experience 

There is undoubtedly an art to the successful buying of properties on behalf of clients with specific and complex requirements. 

We are very much aware that purchasing a new home can be really stressful, but it is also a very personal experience. We take great care in ensuring that our clients’ views and preferences are at the forefront in the acquisition process – as the dwelling purchased (once adapted if necessary) will eventually be their new home and has to enable them in every way possible. 

Our team’s industry experience and continual engagement with the UK residential property markets ensure we’re up to speed with current property values and what might lie ahead in the market.  This practical knowledge is shared with our Accommodation Expert Witnesses – which in turn enables them to best assist the Court in all matters relating to the valuation of residential properties.



We understand there are increasing difficulties for clients where the Court system is slow to release funding to help purchase properties. We regularly assist clients with finding and negotiating rental agreements before they can move onto purchasing their new home. In some cases, our negotiations specialists have been able to negotiate a reduction of the rental amount by up to half. This enables our clients to do more with their funds in the short and longer term and also helps our clients to stay within their local community or near family and friends.


A superior service

Our Property Finding and Acquisition team work hand-in-hand with our Architectural Services team which means can take a holistic approach to our clients’ longer-term design and build needs to ensure their vision can be realised, without wasting time, money and energy. By applying our end-to-end property finding, purchase, design and build knowledge to projects, we can achieve an end result which is always far superior – as our clients and their professional representatives attest.

Property Finding Process

An example of how we manage the Property Finding process and our work on behalf of clients:

  • Initial Meeting

    Where we listen and take the time to get to know our clients – not only their physical needs but their emotional needs and aspirations, applying creative thinking and our passion for finding innovative solutions 

  • Bespoke Package

    We create a bespoke package based on our clients’ specific requirements, needs and wishes

  • Conduct Viewings

    Our Property team can conduct viewings on your behalf / or organise accompanied viewings 

  • Feasibility Assessments

    Our Property Team then create feasibility assessments and valuation reports

  • Design Layouts

    We can then design floor layout plans – to help you visualise the layout of your next home

  • Negotiations

    We can negotiate the purchase price and other fees

  • Buying Process

    We manage the buying process through to completion, and beyond

  • Recommendations

    We'll make recommendations for required third party professionals

  • Party Liaison

    We then liaise with all relevant parties throughout the process on your behalf